GS 2410-0 Easy Clean Shower Head in Polished Chrome Finish

May 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

Who knew the Italians made such spiffy shower fixtures? This showerhead comes from the high-end manufacturer, Gnutti Sebastiano & Figli S.p.A. The fixture has a polished chrome finish over triple-plated brass and features easily cleaned flexible spray nozzles with three adjustable spray patterns. A movable connecting joint makes it easy to aim the showerhead.

The fixture has a couple of interesting quirks. The flexible spray nozzle insert comes in a vibrant teal the color of surgical scrubs. Perhaps this is deliberate; maybe there is nothing cleaner than a doctor in surgical scrubs about to head into the operating room. The resulting chrome and teal color combo says “good hygiene.” In addition, the picture symbols for the three spray settings are not easy to understand. The icon for the left-hand setting looks like a mushroom, the middle icon looks like a comb, and the right-hand icon looks like a jellyfish. The mushroom setting presumably sprays a firm, swirling pattern; the comb a fine spray; and the jellyfish a coarse, pounding spray.

This fixture has only one downside. Adjusting the spray pattern is hard because the nozzle cover moves so stiffly. This would make it difficult for a child or someone with arthritic hands to change the spray. This fixture is suitable for anyone else who wants to enjoy good hygiene in style. –David Fagan
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