Sony SBS64G1 SXS-1 64GB Memory Card, 1.2Gbps Transfer Speed

  • The SxS-1 64GB memory card enables a record time of 200 minutes per card when shooting in the HQ (35Mbps) mode.
  • As the highest capacity card in the SxS-1 lineup it also supports the same read transfer speed of approximately 1.2 Gbps as the 32GB model.
  • The higher transfer speed complements the larger capacity card by minimizing the time needed to ingest content to an NLE system.

The new generation SBS64G1A SxS-1 memory cards can transfer data at up to an astonishing 1.2Gbps via the Express Card slot, without the need for special adapters. That`s 50% faster than the previous generation of SxS-1 memory cards. This new feature supports the transfer speed requirements of the new PMW-500 camcorder, contributing a significant improvement to the XDCAM workflow with ultra-fast ingest times. Now professional users will be able to transfer 120 minutes of HD422 content directly to a laptop in just 8 minutes


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